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ARTISTIC RESUME of Count Federico Sangirardi Quinto of Wardal ( Count Federico Wardal )
Notice : Although this is an Artistic Resume, we cannot avoid mentioning the 1220 b.C. historical importance of the dynasty of Count of Wardal, his activity as Ambassador for Peace, as defender of Human Rights and UN international liaison, donor and benefactor of culture , art , education , being  such aspects part of his public image and international notoriety.
-Action of historical importance and worldwide known: his donation in the year 2000 of ancient manuscripts and books of immense value , all belong to his dynasty , containing new news about human history to the legendary Bibliotheca Alexandrina ( Alexandria Library- UNESCO )
-State honors : in 2003 and 2005 by the President of Italian Republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi for cultural, artistic and educational merits.
He obtain USA citizenship in 2016 for international artistic merits , included USA.
Count Federico of Wardal is an actor, playwright, director., inventor.
                                -Main stages of his artistic career-
Active from 1971 to present . He played internationally ( in Italian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, English ) in 80 plays and in 40 as absolute protagonist , in 30 movies ( features and shorts ) as protagonist and co-protagonist and in one 2020 tv series “ Seneca Telling “ .
He had as a mentor , in drama , Eduardo De Filippo and in film Federico Fellini, Carlo Lizzani, Marlene Dietrich.
At different stages of his career, he is  noted for his diverse roles playing
 sympathetic and unsympathetic characters in performances of genres absurd , metaphysical, expressionist, classic,  tragic , noir, mysteries, suspense, historical , social and in some comedies .
He inspired many directors, playwrights, screenwriters, poets.
His most memorable performances was “ Outside the door “ by Wolfgang Borchert (1974 , Italy ) as Death- River Elbe , “ Les liaisons dangerous “ by Albani-De Laclos ( 1975, Italy ) as Duquess lover , “ Casanova “ by Fellini ( movie , 1975, Italy ) as Casanova adolescent , “ Mamma Ebe “ ( movie, 1985 , Italy ) by Lizzani as a young priest,  “ La chanteuse a vingt ans “ ( 1990-91 , Italy ) by Wardal as a dreamy singer , “ Wardal, Dario Bellezza, Arthur Rimbaud “ by Dario Bellezza ( 1992, Italy ) , “ Egypt “ by Wardal ( 1993 , Egypt, Italy ) , “ Perturbation “ ( 1995-6 , Italy ) about Pasolini  by poet Dario Bellezza , “ Right Rights for all people “ by Wardal  ( 2007 , USA ) about Gandhi , Mandela, M.L. King jr. , J.F. Kennedy ) . “ Terrorist “ by Mario Fratti ( 2010 , USA ) , “ Rice City “ by Sherif El Azma ( movie ,  2010 , Cairo ) as protagonist , “ Kamusta  cayó Dr. Rizal “ by Jason Zavaleta movie 2012 USA ) as protagonist ,  “ Nemo “ by Nobel prize Pirandello ( movie and performance 2016 , USA ) , “ Seneca Telling “ ( 2019 tv series, USA ) as protagonist , “ Federico and Fellini “ ( movie and performance 2020 , USA ) as protagonist. From 2017 to present he is the popular conductor of the SF tv program “ Count Wardal TV Show “ .
He starts his artistic career in 1971 as trasgressive singer and actor in mega shows in Italy with an anti racism repertoire . This is the reason why film legend Marlene Dietrich requested his friendship.Dietrich introduces him to Frank Sinatra , Joan Bennett and Linda McCartney.
In 1975 film legend Federico Fellini requires Wardal in his film Casanova for the transcendent role of “ Casanova adolescent “ .  The impact between Federico Fellini and Federico Wardal is very intense and is regenerative for Fellini and magical for Wardal.  The role consists of three short tirades that Fellini increases.  The press talks about Wardal as a new promise of cinema.  Almost all Casanova footage is stolen including scenes shot by Wardal.  The film stops due to lack of funds.  Fellini changes the screenplay and invites Wardal to shoot only one scene and much shorter than the previous ones.  The teenager Wardal discovers the truth and falls into depression also for facts concerning his family and disappears from Fellini and the world.  It is the story of a Sunset boulevard in reverse…
Fellini looks for him in 1978 to give him a role in Orchestra Rehearsal and in 1980 for The City of Women, but Wardal is nowhere to be found.
Wardal spends five years locked in his house trying to write dramas.  Long last
in 1980 his drama “ Question mark “ wins “ Vito Pandolfi award “.
This encouragement is not enough to overcome depression and return to the scene.
In 1983 he returns on the stage in “ Marquis de Sade “ by Peter Weiss , in a unsympathetic noir character , but it is just an isolated successful episode followed in 1985 by his participation in the film “Mamma Ebe” by Carlo Lizzani, a famous Fellini’s friend , in the dramatic role of a young priest “Don Franco”.
Fellini contacts him again , but Wardal does not want to see anyone related to his depression from which he has not yet fully emerged.
1986 he plays in theatre but in 1989 the playwright Lili Trizio wrote a role for Wardal about Wardal. He plays it in Rome at a famous Eliseo theatre : two months of success.
The audience says to Wardal : “Don’t go away anymore”
Since then the unstoppable international rise of Wardal begins till now.
In 1990 Wardal is inspired by his meeting with the French super star Juliette Greco and writes “La chanteuse a vingt ans”.  He is the protagonist of the play with Viviana Polic.  The show under the aegis of the French government receives many awards during one year of success and  for France recommends it to all cultural centers in the world. He becomes quite popular in France too.
1991 and 1992 other successes in Italy in theatre and RAI TV ( Italian state tv )
In 1992 he is the inventor of a unique theory to act and write for theatre and screen.
In 1992 as protagonist of the poetry – music concert “ Wardal, Bellezza, Rimbaud “ by Dario Bellezza in front of 20000 people in Colonna square ( Rome ) , under the auspices of the Major of Rome .
In 1993 he wrote the play “ Egypt “ and by the theatrical important team “ Ileana Ghione “ as protagonist plays in Cairo at Opera House and Rome at Ghione theatre.
In 1994 as protagonist as and entity in “ Garibaldi and Anita peace makers without frontiers “ by Wardal, Garibaldi, M.L.King jr. , Mándela, Gandhi, A. Lincoln, J.F.Kennedy, Naguib Mafuz. At International Cairo experimental festival.
 In 1995 as TV show host and starts as a political,social journalist and film and theatre critic while with the Italian superstar Francesca Benedetti wins the Festival of Babylonia with his play “ Solidarity “ .
Always in the year 1995 , the great poet Dario Bellezza , favorite by Pasolini , writes the theatrical adaptation of his famous novel “ Perturbation “ for Wardal who plays , as protagonist , the carácter of Pasolini’s Alter Ego.
In 1996 he is the protagonist at Rashid theatre, the main theatre of Baghdad , of the “ poetry musical “ The love, the beauty, the life “ by Dario Bellezza. Wardal plays in Arabic.
In 1997 Wardal starts to live and to work in Cairo as an international star and
through his frequent television appearances he becomes the most famous western star in the Arab world presided by his friend  western global star  Dalida.
In 2002 he write “ Cleopatra VII and poet Horace ( Bibliotheca Alexandrina ) “ , Alexandria, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina , as protagonist in the role of the Roman ancient poet Horace with dancer Gabriella Borni , Oscar award nominee with Alberto Testa for “ Traviata” by Zeffirelli with Placido Domingo.
In 2003 he starts his work cooperation with the youngest Egyptian film author – genius Sherif El Azma . In 2003 as Moroccan conflictive superstar in the movie “ Pilot for a soap opera for and Egyptian air hostess “ .
In 2005 Wardal starts to share Cairo with NYC and then with SF.
In 2007 he writes the play : “ Rome, Baghdad, Berkeley: Count Wardal to the court of poet Dario Bellezza “ . An hour poetry monologue , Wardal as Wardal , with two musicians at glorious Mayback Studio in Berkeley ( CA ) , under the auspices of the Major of Berkeley Mr. Tom Bates .Two nights , two standing ovations.
2009 he writes “ Right Rights for all people “ about Gandhi , Mandela, M.L. King jr. , J.F.Kennedy, genius Marconi. An hour monologue under the auspices of the Berkeley Major Tom Bates , the Berkeley University with a note of appreciation of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Berkeley.
2010 as protagonist in a mysterious role of a rich eastern rice trader in the art movie “ Rice City “ by Sherif El Azma
In 2011 as protagonist of “ Terrorist “ by Mario Fratti as a political writer (NYC )
2011-2020 is protagonist and author and co-author of 20 short movies of surreal genre , the tv serial in 7 episodes in English, Italian, Spanish “ Seneca Telling “ ( 2019 ) ( “Rizal, Garibaldi, Lincoln crackling” directed by Nabil Sami , “ Kamusta cayo Dr. Rizal “ directed by Jason Zavaleta ) “ Ehi Frank ( Sinatra ) I and F.S. !“ ( Sinatra 100, SF, 2015 ) , “ Nemo “ by Nobel prize Pirandello , video and performance monologue ( SF ) , Federico and Fellini “ (2020) , the real story between Federico Fellini and Federico Wardal presented at Hollywood’s Fellini 100 ( Hollywood )
From 2017 to present he is the popular conductor of his SF TV program “ Count Wardal TV Show “ .

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